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i never thought it be so hard [entries|friends|calendar]
to say goodbye ...

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HOLLAAAA [28 Jun 2005|09:43pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

HOLLA from st louis missouri !! most amazing place ever im having the bestttt time of my life :) the hotel is to die for you get treated so well ! so my day went by pretty much with getting up at 7 o clock , getting dressed and finishing up some packing .. we left my house at like 8:15 and we got to the airport at like 8:30ish .. my flight wasnt until 9:30 so i got a bagel and hashbrowns lol and then waited and read a magazine and finallyboarded the incredibly hot , narrow , plane. not too bumpy .. i fell asleep on the first flight. we had a layaway in Dallas so we stopped there for an hour , ate , then boarded the next flight to STL ! that was a good ride :) i read the sisterhood of the traveling pants and fell asleep again =P FINALLY we got there ! met up with brucye ol' boy , got in the car , and drove to the ritzzzz baby ! ugh it was so awesome .. so i got in the room & unpacked all my shit by the way which was extremely overpacked haha what can i say im a girl .. go tin my bathing suit and went down to the fitness center/pool thing. yeah i worked out for like an hour and burned 100 calories ! feelin slimmer .. hahaha -- then i went in the steam room which was aaaammaaaziiinggg ! then my brother came down and we went in the pool & jacuzzi then just went back up to the room. ordered room service blah blah .. ate .. & just got situated ! so now its 9:49 and im just here sippin an appletini ! shhhh .. ;)
infinite x's & o's !
♥ emily

5 good bye

[25 Jun 2005|12:10am]
[ mood | weird ]

ugh .. i dont even like to update this thing anymore .. im in a really weird mood right now ? whatever -- yeah so summers gotten off to a good but slowwww start i guess .. its been raining practically everyday so i havent hit up the beach hotties yet ;) haha .. and i havent really hung out with alot of my friends .. mainly just dani lol , but i promise you guys we willlll hang out and it willlll be amazing ! yeah so this post is kinda gay but its okay ` i really wish we were doing nationals this summer , oh well ..

* countdowns *
- st louis = 4 days !!
- i move :( = 35 days
- ballet intensive = 38 days
- end of summer = 45 fucking days

wowww it all goes by so fast !
♥♥ em *

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c/o 05 forever. [12 Jun 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | i miss you ]

wow , i just had a total breakdown - i was looking at shannons pictures and just burst into tears. i miss c/o 05 sooooooo fucking much and ill never forget all of the crazy memories we made this year , i cant believe the year is over and everyone is splitting apart. ugh dont ask i dont know why but this is all just pouring out of my head and i just miss you guys =( ♥ 05 forever !

good bye

i should be crying * [03 Jun 2005|06:39pm]
[ mood | content ]

well , the last day at school was one of the saddest days ever. i never realized how much im really going to miss irms -- i had 3 of my best years there. there were always tears and drama but then again always laughs and smiles. ughhh i took soo many pictures that ill post later ! but yeah it was really fun ! i lost it at the end of 4th hour =( lol but enough of that before i cry again ! last night was fun .. me , kaitlyn , katrina , alex , and lindsey all went out to wolfgang =D haha we all got the same thing. i saw shannon and brooke and kelsey and that whole crew so we gave hugs and then left them. then me and my people walked around the mall and shopped a lil bit. kaitlyn got a bathing suit in pacsun and i got some eyeshadow haha as usual =P then we saw shannon and julien again so we talked for a lil then they left. then at 9ish alex's mom came to get us and drove us back to kaitlyns house. blah blah the only people who ended up sleeping over were me and katrina haha but it was fun. k well ill update more later cuz im going to tays ! ♥

2 good bye

fun ass night !! [31 May 2005|10:20pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

wowww tonight was amazingly fun ! first of all school was a waste of my time but whatever lol , afterwards me kaitlyn and taylor walked over to burger king and had a feasssst ! we saw alexis and keely there so we all took pictures then left. it was so hot but we walked to the store .. we got there and just hung out then we decided to go out 2 dinner so we walked over to kiks house , got clothes , then came back to the store. we were all trying to decide where to go to dinner so my mom was just like well ill give you my credit card and you guys can go out , scoooore mother fuckers ! so we came home and got ready , took pictures , taylor danced around naked ;) haha it was so great then michelle and hannah came to pick us up and we drove for like everrr trying to find a restaurant ! we were jammin out in the car man it was awesome !! we finally agreed on fridays =P and we got there and michelle was like " its so beautiful ! " haha yeah so we got our food and all of a sudden this little boy pops up from the booth next to us and scared the shit out of me ! so then he was like playing around with us and spitting food on meee ! then he called us poopeyheads ? haha w/e and taylor was like fighting him haha -- so then we said it was kiks bday and got a free ice cream thingy & sung her happy bday ( fridays style of course ) ! it was hilarious omg .. so then were done we get in the car and rockkk out to the rocket summer ! in the car we told old stories , laughed , then got home & took tons of pics of us dancing and being crazy ! -- wow i love my girls .. k peaceout girl scouts ♥

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i wanna run with the wild horses<3 [28 May 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

field day '05 was amaziiinggg .. i love c/o '05 to death ! yeah so it was frickin hot all day and i got sunburnt but hey i took a bunch of pics that i know youll enjoy ! k well this post is kinda boring cuz thats exactly what i am right now -- ill update later about my night with kik and shit. k loveyoubitches ! peace out <3

c/o'05foreverCollapse )

4 good bye

FIELD DAYYY [27 May 2005|07:25am]
[ mood | happy but sad ]

what it is hoeee ? wuddup wuddup G's , nuttin here sorry i never update lol things have been crazzzyy lately ! yeah so these past few days at school have been extremely sad :( me and shannon like busted out crying after p.e lol it was so sad , we talked about just like everything and how its gunna be so different in high school and how all of our friends are seperated and just like everything ! i love you soo much shannon marie. then we saw a whole posse of 7th graders crying i was like " you have one more year you losers ! " haha but yeah so anyways , i found out im not going to western. im moving to cooper city and going to cooper city high ! i guess its ok tho cuz i have some of my best friends at cooper but im reallly gonna miss everyone from irms. this year was amazing no matter how much drama and bullshit went on. people became friends with different friends , there were major hookups and breakups , but we had so much fun ! im so sad this year is coming to an end because i really made some amazing friends this year. so today is field day .. and its going to fucking rock my socks !!! i cant wait , expect a load of pictures =)

I LOVE MY '05 CLASS !!!!

* emily elizabeth <3

6 good bye

fun day =) [16 May 2005|10:11pm]
[ mood | good ]

hallo everyone ! today was such a good day =) first of all robert wasnt at school ! haha , so yeah .. umm p.e was really fun ! me and turk keep having these battles cuz he swears hes a better dancer than me haha its pretty funny .. i dont think ive ever laughed so much today in school ! it was just , a good day for once. after school i went to tayyyys house lol and we worked on the p.c thing , haha we are the best poets everrr ! i love you tizzle ! " lil miss wheely " lol ! -- yeah so then fa came and got me and i went home , got ready for dance , and went. it was greattt haha ok in ballet we did like nothing but talk and laugh .. so then ms krysten decides she wants chinese food. so i call or w/e and the lady like didnt speak one word of english and im like whatever ill just go pick it up cuz she said it would be 2 hours for delivery and it was like 2 doors down from us. so me and taylor are like oh hell no so we go over to the restaurant and were like how long is it to make a frickin bowl of soup ? and the lady was like " 45 minutesss ! you come back 45 minutes " were just like um okay whatever. so 45 minutes go by and me , taylor , beast , and jesie go over and were like giveee usss ourr fooodd ! haha so then me and beast of course are like oh lets play with the fish tank ! so i dropped a toothpick in the fish tank and like all of them fish kept trying to eat it ! then we went over to the freezer and theres like frozen liver in there it was groosooo ! then this cutie came in =) yeah well im gunna go ! love you hotties ♥
& this hurts me much more than you know ..

-- emily

3 good bye

friends forever ! [16 May 2005|07:48am]
[ mood | tired ]

heyyy .. its way early and i have like 15 minutes til i have to get ready for school so i thought id show you guys the 8th grade dance pictures !!! =) it was alot of fun and kind of sad cuz it was the last time a lot of us would party 2gether until we go off to seperate high schools.all of you that aren't going to western im going to miss you soooo much ! everyone looked soo gorgeous at the dance =) ok well here they are, enjoy !

as we go on , we remember ..Collapse )

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my kneee ! [14 May 2005|10:10am]
[ mood | my knee hurts ]


owww my knee hurts soo badd ! i can barely even like lift it up yet i have dance 2day , ballet 2wice ! er. whatever ill just have to try lol .. yeah so i was upset last night but i got home,went online,and felt a lil bit better .. i watched the laguna marathon and that put me in such a good mood. and yes im fucking obsessed with ste-phennn ! ahhh hes amazing ! so 2day is the 8th grade dance , hmmm .. not really excited but i am excited to see whats gunna go down lol -- i really hope its not gay ! get ready for some gossip , drama.

alright well im out , this update was pointless ?

and the truth is .. i miss you <3

surveyliciousCollapse )

good bye

wowwww bad day [13 May 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | sooo upset ]

ughhhh today was the worst day ive had in a while. oh and yes , its friday the 13th. so it started out with school - it was gay. i left early that was the best part ! and me and paige talked for a while trying to find ms brown , that was cool ; shes awesome =)

so i left school at 2 and just as im waking guess who walks by with his class and like smirks at me. yeuppp. so i was like errr .. and i went home and got everything ready which was a drag and put me in a bad mood cuz i would have much rather gone out 2nite then gone to gay ass dress rehersal.

so first theres like major traffic going to bcc and i was like " great im gunna get screamed at " so i get there and im like ewww. we warmed up and did finale once then started dress rehersal. everything was going great until my curtain card. i did it or w/e and wen i was coming off i smashed my knee into the corner of the speakerbox. holyyyy shit it started bleeding and bruised and swelled up and i can barely move it. and guess what dance is next ? pointe. yeah. omg i was dying and i was like hysterically crying and i could barely dance so it suckeddd !

then it kept hurting and i was just in such a bad mood and wen i got in the c ar like thoughts kept flying through my head .. dance,robert,school,friends,life, just everything and i had a huge breakdown. i just started crying hysterically and i didnt even no why. i feel like i dont really have any true friends and im not really wanted by anyone. which shows when robert goes and acts all gay .. i was so upset i just kept crying and crying i couldnt stop just everything was going through my head and im soo stressed out !! ughhhhhh.

whatever im gunna go watch a movie in my bed =)
maybe that will cheer me up ?
comment ♥
- and the truth is, i miss u.
` emily

3 good bye

im better off everyday .. [12 May 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i have wayyyy too many things to do ! first of all , gay ass dress rehersal is 2morro ! i have to leave school early which will cause me to miss a lesson in math and i really cant afford it.

2:00 , moms picking me up , going home , showering , getting costumes and shoes together , off to BCC ! ewww .. i have a curtain card and i dont know what to do for it ! oye yoy yoy yoy ..

saturday - 8th grade dance !! im so excited to see how its gunna be .. probably gunna be gay although some cuties i know are attending ;) haha .. problem is : my dress is halter and ms brown says i cant be a tomato and cant wear it =( darn. haha howww gayyerrr cannn irms gett !?!

and it bothers me that he doesnt even pay attention anymore.

comments = love.
emiliaaa *

-- this hurts me much more than you know --

[EDIT] me and shannon salsa danced in p.e 2day and it was fucking amazing ! benjamin daniel turk is soo me and shannons ! haha jkjk hes a peomp. i cant wait to show everyone our dance !! sorry boys , this dance is ladiessss night. taking my mind off of him for once hopefully ♥

good bye

i didnt mean it , i swear. [10 May 2005|11:04pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]


i didnt mean it when i said i didnt love you so,

i should have held on tight i never should have let you go.

i didn't know nothin i was stupid i was foolish

i was lying to myself ...

-- i was in a good mood 2day until dance , ha. whateverrrr omg i dont even care like you dont even know ! i cant wait until the dance - its gunna be amazing ! its basically like , our graduation cuz gay ass mr zagari wont give us one ! or a 8th grade field trip !! hell yeah im excited =) i dont know what im doing after .. but whatever ill figure it out.

school was shit today as always whatever ! we got our spring pics =) hehe

kk enough of me , so how have you been ? ;)

clickity clickkkk <3Collapse )

9 good bye

its over. [05 May 2005|05:21pm]
[ mood | moving on .. ]

im stupid to think it could ever work out.

me + you ? never gunna happen ..

worst day ever - comment if you wish ♥

2 good bye

.. and it hurts; [03 May 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | just .. upset .. ]

why do i want him still ..
why when theres nothing there ?
how to go on with the rest of my life
to pretend i dont care ?

life is pretty gay right now - if you dont wanna hear me bitch and moan about it then DONT read this entry. yea thanks.

- it hurts to feel like this. it hurts to feel like no one wants me and that im nothing and that im not attractive and just a bad person. it hurts to see him all over other girls when it used to be me .. it hurts feeling like i have no one to turn to and no one to talk to and it hurts feeling like no one can see you. see, i've realized that all my friends can try to help me out with my "boy" problems but it comes down to me in the end. if i wanna think about the guy i will, if i wanna hug him i will, if i wanna be with him i will be. you guys influence me and i appreciate your advice alot but i don't like when people yell at me for still wanting to be with im. you have to understand. do you think i wanna be this upset over it all the time ? you really think if i could get over him that fast that i would still be moping about him all the time. please ! i try and i try and i try and nothing ever works out for me.

i hate going to dance in a bad mood and then getting into an even worse one because i get screamed at. the ONLY times i like dance is wednesdays and thursdays when ricardo is there. he knows how to discipline you without screaming at the top of his lungs. theres no need for that ! honestly ... ugh whatever .. atleast i can attempt to dance out my problems and it usually works. only in like lyrical and jazz tho ! haha

im kind of calming down now.. comment if you want ! peaceeee hoes --

<333 emilyyy *

[ brooke ] thank you so much for understanding ! ur such a great friend and i know i can always count on you .. im always here for you too ! ily2d =]

dante & moosey = best friends for alwaysss

7 good bye

ughhhh. [02 May 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | crying ? yea w/e ]

yea w/e ... today was fucking gay. i really love how you love to piss me off ! like , you purposely go all over her right in front of me .. well guess what asshole - i care ! okay i care so much .. but do you care that i care ? ummmmmm no. whatever .. ugh

the only good part of my day was me and shannon overflowing the washer in p.e ` omg that was the highlight of my life ! haha .. yeah so there was way too much soap so me and shannon are just there taking pictures , waiting for the load to be done. all of a sudden allllll these bubbles start pouring out of the machine , all over the room ! so first we were like on our knees laughing then we were like oh shit , we have to get it out somehow ! so yeah we ran to ms aceto and she was like oh well girls just mop it up .. lmao ! she didn't even care ! so this was the best part - me and shannon like soaking wet trying to get 5 gajillion layers of bubbles and water mopped up. omg i dont think ive ever laughed so hard.

then after 4th hour he had to go and piss me off / break my heart ?

yeah , whatever bitch. comment &hearts;

- emliztar

1 good bye

weekend = fun [01 May 2005|09:33pm]
[ mood | excited ]

holaaaa ! whats up everyone ? im bored and decided to update finally hehe =) this weekend was amazing ! i had so much funnnn ! i spent most of it with dante my love ..

Friday * we went to the movies with scott and josh .. oooh yeah baby .. more on that later ! then we came home and made pasta ( this time with no butter ! lmao ) and we just talked and watched The Notebook for like the gajillionth time haha and then we fell asleep.

Saturday * we got up at like 11 and didnt feel like going to dance so ma said we could go to the beach ! so we drove to her condo and just like layed out all day and went swimming in the pool .. i got SO burnt ! then my dad came at like 4-ish and beastie came back 2 my hosue to sleepover ! we took showers and got ready to go to cheeseecakee =) ma drove us to cheesecake and we had * four cheese pasta ! * of course lol .. it was deliciosooo ! then we went to blockbuster and got saw and the incredibles !! ahh .. we came home and sarted to watch saw but had to turn it off cuz it was so disgusting ! then we just talked online and then went to bed.

Today * we got up , had bagels , then bruce drove us to bcc to watch starpower ! we got there and met up with morgan ! i love you bitch ! there were some amazing dances omg .. i was so mad we didnt compete ! ugh so yeah then bruce came to pick me and shaun up and we went out to eat .. yumm .. we played pool ! haha i sucked so bad ..

so now im just sitting here with aloe all over my back cuz its so red =/ im finally updating yessereee ! comments are love &hearts;

-- lovee yaa !!

.. * emily ` ..

2 good bye

moms store <3 [18 Apr 2005|05:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

holler holler ! im at my moms store right now playing on the computer when i shouldnt be ;) haha oh well she has customers. so yea today was pretty gay nothing really happened at school .. we just did a hole bunch of work & shit as usuallll .. so yeah i waslked over here with kik and she left and i went on the comp. i tried on pointe shoes but they didnt fit =( lol .. yeah so i cant wait for dance 2day cuz i havent seen my lenny beas in like a looong time ! so i can finally see her ! im really bored as you can see so if you wanna comment , be my guest !

you know you love me ♥


7 good bye

ive become so cold. [17 Apr 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | upset .. ]

hey everyone -- guess who never updates ? haha me .. im constantly commenting on ppls journals but i never update mine. whatever. yeah so this weekend was pretttttty gay ! sweet 16 , slept at stewtz's , got my dress for danis party , and shopped more. thats pretty much it ! so yeah * i havent talked to dani in like 347893728 years since she wasnt online at all this weekend =( lol i miss you beast ! i was supposed to go watch competition 2day but ma wouldnt drive me. again , whatever. i dont wanna go to school tomorrow , i hate seeing him and not speaking. i hate how hes all over her. whatever i have to be strong ! haha yeah so hemmi ann came back from tennesse ! woot woot. ill update tomorrow if i feel like it ♥

- and with a final smile and a final tear
i say goodbye , you walk on by ..
as if we never were ..

em - uhh - lee

8 good bye

go on and break it .. [13 Apr 2005|11:42pm]
[ mood | sad ]

hey cuties - okay so yeah , he officially has broken my heart into 2 pieces ... but what else is new ? whatever .. 2day was like a bad day ? but it got good at the end lol =) dance was fun i guess , we learned a dance to the blowers daughter ... fuckin amazing song man ! ugh i loved it lol ! and let me just tell you how horrible this girl is ; ugh i cant even put it into words ! me and dani were sitting there hysterically laughing ... i mean come on ... just quit already ! haha .. whatever yo. none of this will happen next year thank god ! i cant wait til summer - its gunna be awesome ! me and dani are learning our duet which by the way will blow your socks away .. haha .. and it will just be relli fun ! im dying my hair to britney spears' color haha but just cuz i like it not cuz of her , ew. i loveee it ! like brownish/reddish =) .. i think im gunna die it friday but i dunno yet , definetly before beastie's party though ! it will be aweeesomee ! i cant wait ! haha .. so yeah i need to go dress shopping for that and this fridya is liz's sweet 16. I think i mite be sleeping at stewtz's after cuz it ends at like frickin midnight and my ma has my brother or w/e .. yeah. Saturday we have gay dance which i really dont have to go to anymore but whatever .. and afterwards i think i mite be sleepin over my biff's house and were going ice skatiinggg !! whoooo hoo hoo its gunna be awesome haha. dont worry , we'll take pictures ;) so yeah theres my life for ya ! its pretty late and im pretty tired so im out , peace.

♥ you all !
emizzle *


4 good bye

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